With projecting, you go from something that feels completely impossible…and you work on it…you spend time and effort and skin…it’s this huge achievement and really rewarding. That is why people go through the labor. You go from feeling like something is impossible, to believing you can do something, to finally realizing it. -Colette McInerney

On this special episode of Nausicaa Cast, I had the opportunity to talk with Colette McInerney the day before her new production company, Never Not Collective, raised 50,000 for their new all-female climbing movie. Colette, along with Shelma Jun, Julie Ellison, and Leslie Hittmeier must have set a record when they met their original goal in 5 days on kickstarter . This seems to not only be an indication of the need for more female climbing presence in the industry and the strength of the group as a whole, but also the generosity and support of the climbing community.

Colette discusses this support as well as her nomadic path, her passion for photography, and #coletteing.

The world is going to do what its going to do and it’s your decision if you’re going to be anxious about it or go with it.


After a decade of traveling the world as a professional climber, Colette started recording her adventures through photography and film in 2010. She found her passion at the intersection of photo, film, travel, and climbing, and since then she’s worked with companies like Red Bull, National Geographic, Prana, and New Balance to capture the story behind the biggest accomplishments. From summiting 14,000-foot peaks to scaling massive limestone walls, she can—and will—go anywhere to get the shot.

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