You have to trust that if you are paying attention to the right things and your heart is in the right place and you’re taking the right steps forward, that you’ll be met halfway with the unforeseen unknown components that are the other half of things progressing forward….you can’t have too much fear about not knowing what the next step is, you just have to trust…. Angel Collinson

I’ve spent a lot of time riding alongside Angel across the country, and every conversation we’ve had has been a powerful one (whether it’s serious or not). Angel skis fast, but her accomplishments extend beyond the mountains that she plays in. She is kind, always thinking, and at the end of the day still loves to have a good time. In this cast, we talk face to face about why she skis, what she wants to do with her life, her fears and hopes, and why being a nice, kind person is the ultimate.



Angel was born July 13th 1990 and grew up in the employee housing at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah where she and her brother shared a five by twelve foot bedroom. Her dad worked for the snow safety department and her mom made their lifestyle possible by teaching in a one-room home school every winter, teaching kindergarten through high school to Angel, her brother Johnny and a few other kids. “Snow days” were “powder days” and as a result, ignited Angel’s passion for skiing. In the summers her family traveled for months and explored the mountains around the west. They lived out of a 1979 blue ford van that they renovated to make a “luxurious” home, which became their mobile summer base camp until she turned 14.

Angel ski raced until she was 18, and enjoyed a successful career of competing internationally. Eventually her enthusiasm for big mountain skiing got the best of her.  Her love for the mountains and being outside was instilled when she was young, and growing up in nature inspired her to protect what has given her so much.  Currently she attends the University of Utah, studying environmental law and competes on the Freeskiing World Tour. In the summer she looks for every way to maximize her time outdoors – she rock climbs, kayaks, and even serves as a raft guide in Glacier National Park.

For the passions she has Angel couldn’t imagine living anywhere better than Snowbird, and she looks forward to the experiences that being part of the amazing big mountain community brings.

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