[When you run] You get stripped down to just raw and vulnerable, you don’t have all these other things in your head and in your life, it’s just you- Stephanie Howe On episode 9, Hadley sits down with ultra-runner Stephanie Howe. Stephanie won her first 100 mile race she ever entered, has her PH.D, her own training business and actively blogs about all of it. In this week’s episode, we talk about what it’s like to run classic races like the UTMB and Western States that can take over 24 hours, how she creates balance, and how to use perfectionism to your advantage.

Running has been a big part of my life since college, where I raced cross-country and Nordic skiing and was a  two-time  All  American. After  college  I  fell  in  love with trail running    and started to compete in longer races. Today,  I call  Bend, Oregon home and am a full-time trail and ultrarunner.  I train and race in the mountains year round and absolutely    love it. Out in the mountains I’m able to let go and just be present. I love to push my body    to limits, and each run is an opportunity to find a new edge.

Professionally, I fulfilled my passion for endurance sports by studying Exercise Science.    I  received a M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology from Montana State University and a PhD in  Exercise Physiology & Nutrition from Oregon State University.  I own my own coaching    and sports nutrition business:  Endurance By Stephanie

My goal for the future is be one of the top ultra runners in the world.  I want to continue to  race competitively in local, regional, and international races against the best competitors in  the sport.    I also want to be present in my local community and inspire others to live  healthy and fulfilled lifestyles.  I  am truly thankful for each and every day I am able to get  out the door and run.  It’s a lifestyle that gives me great satisfaction and makes me very happy.

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