As a writer, you have to have thick skin and know that not everyone is going to be pleased with what you put out there, and you just have to do your best to make sure it’s accurate and truthful and fair…which is the same as being an athlete. -Megan¬† This week, we switch it up as I sit down with editor and writer Megan Michelson. Megan, a talented athlete herself, has spent the past 12 years behind the scenes in the outdoor industry. We talk about what it’s like to write personal stories, how the industry has changed, and who she thinks is dominating the sport of skiing.


Megan Michelson is a freelance writer based in Tahoe City, California. She previously worked as the freeskiing editor for, and before that, as an editor at Skiing Magazine and Outside Magazine. She’s interviewed women (and men) across sports for the last 12 years, from long-distance hikers to Olympic ski racers to freediving world champions. She now writes for publications like Powder, Outside, Men’s Journal and more. While she much prefers to be behind the scenes, she has appeared in three ski films from Powderwhore Productions and in her previous life as a telemark skier, she once won the Telemark Freeskiing World Championships in Alaska.
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