In reality it’s not who we are, it’s something we do. I think it’s really important for athletes to remember that skiing is who we are to a certain extent, but people are still going to love you even if you don’t accomplish your goals-Keely Kelleher In episode 7, I’m joined by business owner, coach, and big mountain skier Keely Kelleher. Keely attacks her busy life with a tremendous amount of energy and passion.  We talk about her life, from being one of two students in her kindergarten class to coaching hundreds of  girls how to become life long lovers of skiing.
Keely has had a love affair with going fast on her skis since before she can remember. She has spent 22 years ski racing, 8 of which were on the U.S. Ski Team. Specializing in the speed events, Keely raced competitively on the World Cup speed circuit scoring regularly and winning the 2010 National Super G title. In 2011 she founded the first ski racing camp for girls in North America, Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls, based around the mission to coach, inspire and empower girls through ski racing and big mountain skiing.Recently, Keely has transitioned from ski racer to big mountain skier. She is a two-time Big Mountain Skier X winner of the Rahlves Banzai tour and was a featured athlete in Warren Miller’s 2012 Flow State. She is also involved with the Shelly Glover Sports Foundation and Climate Reality Project.


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